Autumn/Winter TBR

I feel like it might be a little late to start a TBR for autumn, but since I have just moved to the sunny climes of the United States South-East, where it very much does not feel like the British autumns I am accustomed to, the season has barely begun in my mind...


Perfect Prose #7: Elsewhere

"And there will be other lives for unpaid debts, for one-night stands, for Prague and Paris, for painful shoes with pointy toes, for indecision and revisions. And there will be other lives for fathers walking daughters down aisles. And there will be other lives for sweet babies with skin like milk..."

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

“On deck, the wind hit me in the face like a punch, and I almost stumbled to the rail, hanging over it, feeling the pitch of the boat. The dark gray waves stretched out like a desert - mile upon mile, stretching out to the horizon, no sign of land of any kind, nor even a ship …”

Mother by S. E. Lynes

‘That was how he described the knot he’d carried in his chest ever since he could remember - a knot that, no matter how often he picked at it, would never loosen. The knot persisted throughout his childhood, into his teens: a tight confusion of endless loops, without beginning without middle without end.’

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

"I was happy in those first days as really I'd never been before, roaming like a sleep-walker, stunned and drunk with beauty. ... The shock of first seeing a birch tree at night, rising up in the dark as cool and slim as a ghost. And the nights, bigger than imagining: black and gusty and enormous, disordered and wild with stars."