Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly featured hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week I’m looking ahead to 2018 and my book-related goals (I’m a big one for making resolutions, and even if I don’t manage to stick to them I find the reflective process of making them pretty interesting).

1. Read more books in translation.

Translation is a fascinating discipline and I have utmost respect for translators of fiction. I want to move away from mostly reading books with a focus on the English-speaking world and instead branch out to more books written in a different language and translated, such as the disturbing/beautiful The Vegetarian, translated from Korean.

2.  Continue to read lots of books by women.

I’m really pleased/surprised that the vast majority of books I read in 2017 (bar two: the excellent Grist Mill Road & Black Chalk) were all by female authors. I want to continue supporting women’s writing in 2018 as much as possible.

3. Continue to support our public library.

I live a few miles away from a fantastic local library that frequently stocks all of the NYT bestsellers and is a wonderful place to read and work.

4. Find the energy to read for fun, after a whole day of reading for work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I get to read for work. But I shouldn’t let this be an excuse for not getting around to reading the books that have been languishing on the bookshelf for months.

5. Read more poetry.

I read Rupi Kaur’s debut collection, ‘Milk and Honey’ earlier this year, and whilst I wasn’t totally in love with it, it did make me remember how much I adore poetry and I will make a conscious effort to seek out new voices.

6. Join a bookclub.

I resolved that as soon as I found a good local bookclub, I would join. I have unfortunately had clashes every time they’ve met in recent months, but it is something I will prioritise this year!

7. Read more nonfiction.

…Particularly on the current state of the world, how we got to be in this situation and what we can do about it. Yesterday I bought Naomi Klein’s ‘No Is Not Enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics’ and am excited to read it.

8. Quit if the going gets tough.

Whilst not a mantra for other areas in life, if I am reading a book that I’m not really into and have given it a fair chance, I’ll stop reading. Life is too short to read books you aren’t enjoying!

That concludes my top (eight) bookish resolutions for 2018. I look forward to seeing what other readers have set for their goals!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Resolutions

    • I read it last year – it’s very good. Definitely want to read more of her work – there’s a lot of interesting debate going out surrounding the role of the translator & their creative freedom – it’s fascinating! And yes to public libraries, long may they survive…

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